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Formed late in 2010 Anarcho - Grindcore outfit Disease Process draw inspiration from late 80s UKHC / Grindcore, old school raw black metal & crust to create their own brand of nihilistic audio warfare.

Savage buzz saw riffing & cold nordic melodies tangled with relentless blast beats only accentuate the anarcho - political ideals & misanthropic social views spewed forth with such seething hatred & contempt.

Knowledge begins where religion ends.


released May 10, 2011

All songs and music by Disease Process



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Noise Tracker Studio Perth, Australia

Noise Tracker Studio is what I call the room with my instruments and equipment inside. This is whatever comes out of the room. I make it for me but hope you listen occasionally.

Sometimes I play live.

I do not play or record well with others.

Thank you
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Track Name: Bhopal
Corrosion valves bare the weight of those dead
Neglect in December e 610
Meth-iso-cyanate ignites the lungs
Mercury spike scorched earth blackened sun
Defected at birth still carbide spawns death
with continual suffering the struggle can't end
Track Name: Black Lung
Filtered light a candle burns dim
Swallowed by black this heart barely beats
Claustrophobic screams from a larynx stripped raw
Buried alive damp odour of soil
Abandoned hope all reasoning gone
Christ has no place
Faith dies without light
Panicked breathing stabs at the chest
kindred of corpses all that is left
Eminent black blanket the sun
Claustrophobic embrace mould spores in
Black lung
Track Name: Fall of Rome
Systematic revolt born of social decay
Tarnished relics and monuments
Slowly crumble and fade
Idols and empires alldestined to fall
Stripped of freedom and choice back to the wall
Savage intent marks the triad of wolves
Desecration of order a peoples revolt
Anarchic destruction black totem of 3
Nobel suffer for bleeding the weak
Track Name: Martyr Blood
Blood soaked parchments crusade vicious in wake
Innocence slaughtered for capital gain
Eradication of man tarnished silver and lead
False prophet of horror bleeding to death
Splinters in wood crimson blood mares the cross
King of the Jews formulated profit and loss
Shrouded mock truth
Abuse Vatican shame
Fables of love preach perpetual hate
Aborted penance of sin in favour of rape
King of the Jews be the glory gold
Martyr in blood merchants of war
Bound by lost hope in a false deity
For I am Judas watching filth bleed
Track Name: Shallow Grave
Discarded as waste in putrid decay
Blood burns like fire as it flows through these veins
Ritual slaughter lays wake to abyssical void
Chalice of empty
Maimed difigured and scarred
Buried in topsoil
Genocidal bloodbath
The denial of truths tears generational scars
Unconceivable torture
Festering abbess of hate
Empty and broken innocence laid to waste
Shallow graves shallow grave
Track Name: Thrown to the Wolves
Rising new moon births hostile intent
Lamb to the slaughter innocence torn to shreds
Unified pack bloodlust of the hunt
Cold and pale is the light of a rising full moon
No retreat no surrender
Thrown to the wolves